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      Haven’t been on here in awhile.  Time goes by quickly.  Much has happened the past 3 years of my life, including the worst moments as well as the best moments. Guess I was just feeling in a typing mood.  Anyway, I guess this year my goal is to just be myself.  Stop caring what others think.  Stop putting on that charade I always put on and just be real.  Focus on myself and disregard the rest.  Focus on school and education, because that is what is going to matter 10 years from now, not who you were known as in high school.  I’m not such a popular guy and I’m glad I’m not.  I have found true friends this way, I don’t have a big quantity of friends but I have a few friends of highest quality.  The past 3 years I have been concerning myself with finding a girlfriend.  Right now, I just don’t care.  I’ve stopped trying to impress people.  I’ve stopped trying to grab attention from those on my mind.  Because in the end, you are more likely than not going to be disappointed.  Love can happen later, (or what it seems like for me) never.  I have completely lost interest in that area, all people do is disappoint anyway.  If something happens with a girl then maybe, but most of the time I will just find that when girls get to know me they for some reason just lose interest.  Ehh, but again, I’m sticking to myself.  And yeah, focus on improving myself and disregard the rest.

    2. Yes, I am a Christian.


      Yes, I am a Christian.
      No, I don’t hate gays.
      No, I won’t shove the Bible down your throat.
      No, I won’t tell non-Christians they’ll go to hell.
      And no, I am no better than anyone else.
      I was saved, by the Almighty King, and was put, on this planet, to love Him and the people He made, and to share the Gospel. Period.

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      Applying for universities…. freaking out! God, show me Your way. Lead me. Guide me. Use me for Your glory.

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the love of Jesus


      the love of Jesus

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